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This is a very good product. I am very satisfied highly recommend.


January 21, 2016


truss-display-systemsThe Orbital Express™ System is quite possibly the easiest Truss. Like the classic erector set, this system has a set number of parts and connectors and requires NO TOOLS for assembly. Simply twist and lock the patented connectors and you can build exhibits of various sizes quickly and easily.

This versatile system enables you to reconfigure a kit in multiple ways and combinations using the same parts. With Orbital, you can have the impact of a “new look” for every show with minimal investment for so many configurations and options!

We offer more than 60 professionally designed “off the shelf” kits for a variety of booth sizes and configurations. Each kit comes complete with all the parts, fixtures and fittings you need to create a successful exhibit, including (depending on the kit) low voltage spotlights and adjustable tabletops.

Orbital Express Truss can also be easily customized. Browse our library of custom Orbital Express Truss exhibit kits.

Download a guide showing which Orbital Express Truss kits reconfigure into smaller sized kits.

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