Vinyl / Mesh Banners

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January 21, 2016


6-vinyl-mesh-bannersVinyl and mesh banners are great for farmer’s markets, festivals, concerts and other events. Working with the pros at SignTec you’ll be sure to have the right material selected for your event. Mesh Banners allow wind and sound to pass through the material, as well as having a degree of transparency. That said, they won’t take away from your graphics or message, as long as your design is well executed.

On the other hand, vinyl banners are made of a heavier material that isn’t as wind resistant as mesh. Vinyl will offer a better surface for color saturation (because the material isn’t perforated, like mesh banners are), so tend to show a more robust graphic.

For optimum impact, use simple art and fonts on mesh banners and expect the colors to be somewhat “softer” or muted. Bolder colors will and more intricate artwork and logos will present better on a vinyl banner. Give the experts at SignTec a call to help you create the right banner for your needs!

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