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One of the best products that I have ever used. It has my life easy. Good Job!


January 27, 2016


real estate signsWhen it comes to real estate signs in Portland, standing out and capturing eyes is the name of the game! SignTec Imaging is the area’s leading provider of real estate signs that deliver great visibility and high impact. In a crowded market, it’s key to work with a sign company that understands how to set you apart, whether you’re an independent, a franchised real estate professional or with a commercial realty firm. Our signage design experts provide custom graphic services and will help you create real estate signs that build greater name recognition and drive traffic to your location.

SignTec offers a variety of real estate sign formats that will help you close the deal…

Open House and For Sale Banners

Attract attention with full-color open house and for sale banners. Your banner can be crafted to any size you need including custom graphics. Hang your banner from the front of your property, or create a feather banner that can be placed along sidewalks and in front yards (city regulations permitting) to draw people in.


A-frames are easy to transport, reusable, and available in a variety of durable materials. Your a-frame, or sandwich board sign can be configured to include replaceable panels or a flyer/brochure box.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are a great, economical way to direct traffic to your open house, so you can purchase multiple signs and stick them on every block to direct potential home buyers to your property. You can even write temporary addresses on the sign that can easily be removed or covered up for your next property.

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